Together, we can find a cure.

Kidney Cancer Research Summit


Together, we can find a cure.

Kidney Cancer Research Summit


Welcome to the #KCRS20 Speaker Center


Resources for Speakers

KidneyCAN is providing the following resources to assist speakers as you prepare your presentations for #KCRS20. Click on each resource below to download.
#KCRS20 Zoom virtual background

#KCRS20 Zoom Background

#KCRS20 PowerPoint Template

Recording Your KCRS20 Zoom

Zoom Recording Instructions

Reminders for Speakers

  • Please adhere to the session times and limit your recorded presentation to the exact time allotted. Timing is especially important to ensuring the smooth flow of a virtual event. You can see a list of speakers and times here.
  • You will get the best quality storing your presentation video on your local drive, as opposed to the cloud. An acceptable alternative is to record your presentation using the high bandwidth connection in your office.
  • Good lighting is essential!
  • We suggest using either a separate microphone or calling into the Zoom from your cell phone for the best audio.
  • Please select a non-distracting background (or use the #KCRS20 Zoom background provided above) and record in a quiet environment.
  • Use your personal Zoom account rather than the institutional Zoom account to record your presentation.
  • Close all unneeded windows and documents as you record.
  • Try a one-minute recording and check to see if sound, lighting, and camera position are all good.
  • The KidneyCAN team has resources and can provide help as needed to ensure your presentation is well-recorded. Let us know if you need our support!

Upload Your Presentation Materials Here

Reminders as you submit your presentation materials:

  • Rename your mp4 recording file as follows: Lastname_firstname_date
  • When your recording is complete and you have reviewed it, submit using this form.
  • We recommend you also upload a copy of your PowerPoint slides in PDF file format. This allows us to make your materials available online for attendees. In the event that you encounter technical difficulty during a live presentation, we can also use these slides as a backup.
  • You will digitally sign a speaker presentation agreement as part of this upload. Please review the full speaker agreement here.
  • If you later upload a new version of your presentation, be sure to change the date in the file name so we use the correct version.
  • Please upload your presentation recording here. Remember to include your full name and the date in your file name. *If you encounter any difficulty uploading your video, please leave this field blank, submit your PPT and PDF files below, and email [email protected] to arrange an alternate method of submission for your video.
  • Please upload your presentation slides here, in PPT format. Remember to include your full name and the date in your file name.
  • Please upload your presentation PDF here, preferably in PDF format. Remember to include your full name and the date in your file name.
  • Type your full name here. This constitutes your digital signature to the Speaker Agreement.

Once you click SUBMIT, please wait to receive a confirmation message here on this page. Larger file uploads may take a minute or two depending on your internet speed. Do not navigate away from this page until you see the confirmation. You will also receive a confirmation email. 


For problems with Zoom recording or downloading/uploading materials, please contact the KidneyCAN office manager, Angie Edwards.


Speakers with questions about the event program or presentation content should contact the KidneyCAN Medical Science Liaison, Susan Poteat.




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KidneyCAN is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit grassroots organization dedicated to funding and finding a cure for kidney cancer.

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