#KCRS20 Presentations

Thursday Topics: Keynote, Sessions 1 & 2, Discussion

Welcome and Introductions

Bryan Lewis, KidneyCAN President
Toni Choueiri, KCRS Co-Chair, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Hans Hammers, KCRS Co-Chair, University of Texas Southwestern

Keynote Presentation: “Can Studies of the VHL Gene Get Us to Curative Combination Therapies for Kidney Cancer?”

Dr. William Kaelin, Jr., Nobel Laureate
Harvard/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Breakout Discussion | Variant RCC: Where Are We Now, and Where Do We Go?

Friday Topics: Sessions 3 & 4

On-Demand Content

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The Next Frontier: New Molecular Targets for Kidney Cancer

“Profilin 1 as a Novel Target in Patients with RCC”
Partha Roy, University of Pittsburgh

Novel Models for Kidney Cancer Research

“Unlocking the Human Relevance of a New Genetic Papillary RCC Mouse Model”
Richard Link, Baylor College of Medicine

“Modeling Spatial Ecology in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma Model: A Novel Tool to Support Drug Sequencing Decisions”
Brandon Manley, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center

“Kidney Cancer (DFCI) Model”
Laura Stransky, Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Germline Genetics and Implications

“Biological Determinants of Kidney Cancer Health Disparities”
Khadijah Mitchell, Lafayette College

Variant Kidney Cancer Histologies: Characterization and Therapeutic Targeting

“Chromophobe RCC: New Concepts in Pathogenesis”
Elizabeth Henske, Brigham & Women’s Hospital

“Defining the Role of Beta-Catenin Activation in Wilms Tumor”
Keri Drake, University of Texas Southwestern

“Molecular Characterization and Therapeutic Targeting of TFE3 Fusion Kidney Cancers”
Srinivas Viswanathan, Dana Farber Cancer Institute